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Terms and Conditions for all Appilistic Products and Services

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Seller's complete liability is limited to the original charge for products and/or services. There will be no charge if Seller is unable to provide a working solution. Buyer may also reject work if it does not function according to Seller's written project proposal (as accepted by Buyer), or, if unavailable, Seller's published product description, provided that Buyer does not use Seller's work.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Seller has no liability for consequential damages. Conservative development and testing of critical applications adds costs and requires a higher level of care, testing and maintenance than normally supplied by Appilistic in their Internet and business solutions. Seller must be aware of and agree in writing to such requirements.

Disputes arising from this (sale/contract) which the buyer and seller are unable to resolve by themselves will be resolved by binding arbitration rather than by litigation of the dispute in court.

Use of Appilistic software or solutions demonstrates agreement with these terms and conditions.

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