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Appilistic LICENSE AGREEMENT for The Clubhouse Database

A single license entitles Buyer to permanently use the purchased version of The Clubhouse Database at a single Clubhouse or facility. The license is not transferable to a second Clubhouse or facility, even if the product is no longer utilized at the first or purchasing facility. Within the licensed facility, The Clubhouse Database may be installed on unlimited workstations and may be utilized (to the extent feasible) by an unlimited number of users. The Clubhouse Database may be housed on a server that is remote from the licensed facility, and it may be accessed remotely from additional locations, provided that all use is for the sole benefit of the licensed facility.

Continuous subscription to Appilistic's Maintenance and Support Agreement entitles the buyer to receive periodic upgrades to The Clubhouse Database. If upgrades are received by the buyer as a result of such agreement, the license transfers to the new version.

Purchase of a license does not entitle the buyer to copy, sell, reverse engineer, or otherwise distribute The Clubhouse Database to additional facilities. Appilistic retains the sole right of resale, even in cases where the license holder has paid for custom development of the software.

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